Two trees near Tutshill in
Frosty morning, two trees near Tutshill Woods
pastel.  These trees are in the hedge of the field beyond the old bridge, that lies beside the river. This field is also included in the land that was for sale.

Some of my Manning's Pit paintings


Cows going towards Tutshill

Cows going towards Tutshill Woods, from Manning's Pit, pastel, painted in late 1990s.

Snow on Tutshill

Snow on Tutshill, from Manning's Pit
Two trees by Shearford lane
                  in autumn

Autumn, looking towards Tutshill Woods,
acryllc. This was a small acrylic. Painted in 2012
Manning's Pit, summer, small
Manning's Pit in summer, small acrylic, painted in 2012.

Sheep in the Snow

Sheep in the snow, near Anchor Mill, just after Christmas (Christmas tree in background)
pastel, painted in 2001
August, Manning's Pit

August, Manning's Pit, looking towards Anchor Mill and Tutshill, pastel.  Painted in around 2005
Alder in the snow, from old
Alder in the snow, from the old bridge across Bradiiford Water. This tree is on land just outside the area sold, but this scene would be badly affected if a housing estate were to be built so close by. The old bridge from which the painting was done is part of the land that was sold.

Anchor Mill in the snow Anchor Mill at sunset, on a snowy evening, from Manning's Pit. pastel

Manning's Pit, the bridge, late
Late summer, Manning's Pit bridge, pastel, painted in 2012.
Manning's Pit pastel Manning's Pit in summer, small pastel
painted in 2012

Snow from fields near Tutshill

Snow near Tutshill, larger image to come, painted recently.  This is not in the piece of land that was in the Auction, but seen from there.

Snow near Tutshill
Snow near Tutshill. work in progress. pastel

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