Paintings that were in the Exhibition


Snowdrops (detail)
1. Snowdrops, pastel

Frosty Dawn
2. Frosty Dawn, pastel

Snow at sunset, Anchor Mill
3. Snow at sunset,

sliding rocks
4. Frosty Morning,
Under the trees
5. Under the trees
George`s path
6. George`s path
August, Manning`s Pit
7. Manning`s Pit, pastel
last two hay bales
8. Last two hay bales,
July, near Great Torrington
9, July
From the Bowling Green
10. From the Bowling Green, small pastel
The leper Fields
11. Leper Fields, small pastel
Pink ploughed fields
12. Pink ploughed fields, small pastel
River Torridge from the obelisk
13. River Torridge from the obelisk, pastel
Knowlwater Bridge
14. Knowlwater Bridge,
small oil

Looking towards the Taw Estuary
15. Looking towards
Taw Estuary, smallish oil

Autumn, Pippacott fields
16. Autumn,
Pippacott field
Snow covered mountains
17. Snow covered
looking towards Luscott Barton
18. Looking towards
Luscott Barton, pastel
View from Mill Street
19. View from Mill
large oil
Autumn, Castle Hill
20. Autumn,
Castle Hill, smallish acrylic

Foxgloves, cliffs near Lee bay
21. Foxgloves above
Lee Bay, oil
Pine tree, Sand Key park
22. Pine tree, Florida,
large acrylic
Canoeing, Weeki Watchi River
23. Canoeing,
Weeki Watchi river, large acrylic
Orange turtle, Weeki Watchi river
24. Orange turtle,
 Weeki Watchi river, large acrylic
bathing Pool, River Torridge
25. The Bathing Pool,
largish acrylic

Summer Evening
26. Summer Evening
Limited Edition print

Sheep in snow
27. Sheep in the snow,
Linited Edition print

Mill Street Print
View from Mill Street,
Limited Edition Print of pastel painting, and other prints on sale too.