Limited edition giclee prints

these prints are so good you can easily confuse them with the original paintings - they capture all the depth and texture of the pastels that they are made from.

prints are supplied  unmounted - if you want a print that is already mounted, please contact me by email first, I will do my best to supply you with what you want, if possible.
Sheep in snow
P5 Sheep in the Snow after Christmas

click on the image to see a larger version of this print, and read the story behind the painting.
P8 Fields near Rosemoor

new print available now
of this painting
edition of 200
fields near Rosemoor Gardens

P1. view from a mill street       garden
edition of 250
this print is temporarily out of stock, please enquire if interested.

P2. summer evening, river torridge
edition of 200

P3. fields, great torrington
edition of 200

P4. sun catches the gorse, near morte point
edition of 250
P6. frosty february morning,
barnstaple bridge
edition of 200

  P7 an embellished giclee on canvas
of this painting
(sand key park, florida)
edition of 50

Sand Key Park, Clearwater, Florida
full refund supplied if you are not satisfied with print, provided it is returned in good condition within 14 days (UK). If sold worldwide, time to be arranged depending on destination.


  each print comes with a signed letter of authentication from the artist.


  delivery approximately 14 days (UK), but usually much  sooner.  These prints are produced in small batches and a large amount of stock is not held at any time.
please email me for overseas delivery details and postage costs

to order a print, please click on the print in question and use the PayPal button on that page.  please note: stocks are low at present on the mill Street and flag prints (P1 and P7, so please contact me if you wish to order one)

  an order form is also available if you prefer to purchase by cheque through the post (see below)
full refund supplied if you are not satisfied with print, see above.
postage and packing free in UK,
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about giclee prints 

the word "giclee" comes from the french, and means to "to squirt or spray". giclee prints are made with ink-jet printers that spray very fine dots of ink onto the paper. these giclee prints have the texture and depth of colour of the original pastel paintings..
The prints above are all printed on acid-free watercolour papers, with pigmented inks.
  giclee prints are exceptional in every way, they have great depth and resolution, and the inks are lightfast for over one hundred years without noticeable fade (under normal home or office lighting).

copyright on all images on this website is the property of the artist
and they cannot be reproduced without permission