Frosty Morning, Sliding Rocks, Castle Hill, Great Torrington
 pastel, 16 x 24
Private collection

The painting is called Frosty morning, Sliding Rocks, and it was inspired by a memory I have of walking home one very cold morning after taking my children to school.  After leaving the Junior School, I would sometimes walk back through the town, but whenever I could I chose to come back down the lane past Teapot Cottage, and across onto Castle Hill.

Anyone who knows Castle Hill will know about these slabs of rock. They are called Sliding Rocks because generations of children have used them as a slide. They are exposed slabs of the same rock that you have on Hungry Hill in West Cork, and when the gorse is in blossom I often find it esy to imagine that I am  back in Ireland.

This is another place where I often met Kirby Saunders,  sitting on a bench below the rocks, enjoying his sandwiches.