Twinkle's Walk for Manning's Pit

Here are Wendy and Twinkle, by Manning's Pit gate, in early November. They have already raised over £1600 in cheques, sponsor forms and online donations.

This coming Saturday, November 30th, at 10.30 am Wendy Robinson and her elderly one-eyed pug Twinkle are going to do a sponsored walk to help Buy Manning's Pit.
Read what she has to say about Twinkle on her Fundraiser page.

Here is their route:

Twinkle's walk - her route


Here's Twinkle in training, doing "road work" around Pilton on a very wet day.

Twinkle sees another dog
Along Bellaire, Twinkle spots a dog on the footpath opposite. Twinkle thinks she is a big fierce dog herself.
Twinkle thinks she is a big fierce dog
Wendy struggles to hold Twinkle, who is doing her best to let the other dog know who is boss.

Twinkle and Wendy meet a friend
Twinkle and Wendy meet a friend at the top of the steps into Nursery End.
Twinkle calls on Friends of Maning's Pit
They make a quick business call on the Friends of Manning's Pit Secretary, Chris Bulpett.

Here they are on their way back home:

If you live anywhere on the route, do come out to cheer them on this Saturday.

To donate online, go to
or to donate by cheque, go to

Wendy is a Committee Member of The Friends of Manning's Pit Group, who have come together with the Pilton Green Man CIO, charity no 1170742, to help buy Manning's Pit for the local community.  For more information about the Buy Manning's Pit Campaign, go to our main campaign page.