the Bathing Pool, river Torridge

Paintings by Christine Lovelock

  This Exhibition of paintings in pastel, oil and acrylic,
was held from October 14th to November 12th at:

The Plough Arts Centre, Great Torrington, Devon
In case you missed it, I am keeping this page up for a while
 (01805 624624)

canoeing up the Weeki Watchi river

Under the trees, Castle Hill
No lions, no witches, but my aim is to do paintings that work like the wardrobe in C.S. Lweis`s books. I like people to imagine that they could walk down the paths in my paintings, feeling the earth beneath their feet, and  maybe even plucking a feathery stem of grass from the bank beside them...

In this Exhibition there were new paintings but I also used it as an opportunity to bring some of my favourite Torrington paintings  "back home" to the place that inspired them..

Near Torrington golf course
from Pippacott
Most of the paintings in this Exhibition were of the landscapes around Great Torrington, but there were also some Florida paintings, and some of the paintings done as part of my anti-wind farm protest.
Taw Estuary, from Pippacott

Photographs of the Exhibition

The Plough Gallery photo 1
View from the Gallery door,
at the top of the stairs from the Foyer

The Plough Gallery photo 2
Looking to the right, from the Gallery doorway,
door leading to the projection room on the right side.

Other paintings in the Exhibition