View from Mill Street
summer evening, view  from a mill street garden, pastel,
16 x 24

great torrington paintings

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past exhibition at the plough arts centre in 2005

summer evening river torridge
summer evening,
river torridge,

pastel, 11 x 19

under the trees
under the trees, castle hill, pastel 16 x 24

george`s path
george`s path, castle hill,
pastel, 16 x 24

Trees, July
trees near great torrington, july, pastel

St Michael's Church
st michael's church
pastel, 17 x 13
leper fields
the leper fields,
pastel, 15 x 20

from the bowling green
from the bowling green walls
pastel, 15 x 21
fields near rosemoor
fields near rosemoor

from the obelisk
from the obelisk

snow, castle hill
snow, castle hill

sliding rocks
frosty morning, sliding rocks,
castle hill

pink ploughed fields
pink ploughed fields
pastel, 17 x 13

sycamore tree
sycamore tree,
acrylic, 22 x 32

below the bowling green
below the bowling green,
castle hill, acrylic, 22 x 29

fields, (from castle hill)
pastel, 11 x 13

Darracott daisies
darracott daisies
acrylic on cnavas

bathing pool
the bathing pool
acrylic on canvas
36 x 24

autumn, castle hill
acylic on board

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